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Fine Art


This image shows a close up of the walls from It's Teatime, my thesis exhibition. Guests would join me in the gallery for tea and snacks. We marked the occasion by pinning our wet tea bags to the quilted tea walls, leaving a stain on the dormant paper beneath.

It's Teatime with Leigh Ann Parrish

This is an image from the cards and invitations to It's Teatime, my thesis exhibition at Western Carolina University.

Teatime Attire (In progress)

I sewed this cloak out of teabags and used it in a video performance.

Her Precious Things

All the things I found when the jar broke. (When my grandma died, I asked if we could keep this small jar just as we found it- with all these small objects my grandmother put in it- whatever was in her pockets. We kept it there for years until it crashed to the ground in an accident. I collected all the bits and showcased them here.)

Precious Jar

All the things I found when this jar broke and an image transfer on copper of the jar before it broke.

Precious Precious Precious

Process image of labeling each item.


A view through the top of the floating box made from barn wood from Her farm.

My First Installation

This installation was created in my studio at WCU for my first MFA critique. It featured a large text piece printed on acetate, photographs, ephemera, and a collection of my grandmother's thimbles.

Her Block

Photo of my grandmother's Life Alert button printed on a soft blanket for a Group Exhibition, "Soft Art" in Asheville, NC.

Bidding Her Adieu

Metal and acetate layered with magnets to create a unique inventory of everything in my grandmother's home when she died.

Front Bid
Close Bid

Close-up of Bidding Her Adieu

Like A Dream

This interactive metal and plexi photo piece allows the user to create a unique composition by manipulating the arms up and down.

Interactive Metal and Plexi

This piece showcases multiple layers of plexi with images that you can swing up or down to create a composition of your own.

The Tannery Installation

My first full-room installation at The Tannery in Asheville, NC in 2014. It featured wallpaper, a video, soundtrack, interactive art pieces, tea & cookies, smell jars, and heirlooms.

Teatime Attire

Tea cloak sewn for Teatime Video. Click for link to YouTube!


Enjoying tea in the installation at The Tannery in Asheville, NC.

Cookie Pictures

Icing Images of heirlooms printed on Grandma's cookies served with tea and her secret recipe.

Tea and Cookies

Serving tea in cups and saucers from our family farm with Grandma's sugar cookies at The Tannery.

The Packhouse

4 images hung to create shadow play at "Hold On To The Night" Group Exhibition.

Her Room

Cyanotype of my Grandma's bedroom the day she died.

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